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1What is Yuva Volunteers ?

An organisation with primary focus on bringing voluntary blood donors closer to those who need them. The idea is to facilitate a requestor to approach a donor in his/her required location and time.

2 Who are these Yuva Volunteers ?

A Volunteer is one of us, in us. "A volunteer is somoeone who is there for you when he'd rather be somewhere else" - Unknown

3So what are we(Yuva Volunteers) planning to do with this website ?

Through this website, we are bridging the gap between blood donors and requestors. We display the donor details of those registered with us, to be useful for people who are searching for blood donors. We also support child education and helpless people by providing them as many resources as we can.

4 How does Yuva Volunteers find helpless people ?

Currently, we are supporting the people whose information was provided to YuvaVolunteers by one of our volunteers. If you are willing to join us, then provide us the information, so that we can get together and create an idea to support those who need us.

5 Does yuvavolunteers need my help in achieving this..?

We started YuvaVolunteers as we desired to make a difference in the society. We have come together with the mindset that, even the smallest of help means a lot to someone. If you think like Yuva Volunteers, then please join us.

6 How do I make sure, my services are being utilised..?

YuvaVolunteers is a medium to bring together people, who are willing to do something for the society and we maintain complete transparency. If you make any sought of contribution(blood or child education), you may enter those details in the website, which will be visible publicly. This ensures that, none of your efforts go unrecognised.

7 What are my duties as a member of YuvaVolunteers..

Whenever you hear from someone who needs blood, you should be able to support them by providing them with information of blood donors available in YuvaVolunteers. You can search for blood donors in the required locality and provide their contact details to the requestor, so the requestor can contact a blood donor directly.

8 What are my duties as a blood donor of YuvaVolunteers..

Whenever you hear from someone who needs blood; and if the person in need happens to be in your location or near by, you should be ready to help them by providing your blood. If you are interested to join in Blood Donor program